Nimo Codec Pack

Nimo Codec Pack - a collection of codecs, filters and tools that you'll find useful. A lite version of this pack is also available, which contains only the most frequently used codecs and filters.

Author : Official site
Version : 5.0 build 9 Beta 1
OS : Windows 9x/Me/NT4/2000/XP
Size : 6.79 MB
Link : Mirror Link 1
Mirror Link 2 

Includes :

  • Coder & decoder Divx 4.12 Build 307 (Project Mayo)(DivX).
  • Coder & decoder DivX V3.11a (3.11Alpha Low Motion)(Div3) for playing old compressed movies.
  • Coder & decoder DivX v3.11a (3.11Alpha Fast Motion)(Div4) for playing old compressed movies.
  • Coder & decoder DivX WMA Audio V4.2 (Standard)(divxa32).
  • Coder & decoder MPEG-Layer 3 Audio V4.2 (Professional)(l3acm), With control panel icon.
  • Decoder for AC3 Audio V2.2.
  • Coder & decoder MS MPEG-4 (For ASF/DivX Conversion)(mpg4,mp42,mp43).
  • Filters for Vob playback in Windows Media Player: MPEG Parser ActiveX filter MPEG Decoder ActiveX filter
  • MS-MPEG4 ActiveX filter
  • DivX V3.2 ActiveX filter
  • DivX V4.0 ActiveX filter
  • DivX AC3 Prologic ActiveX filter
  • The iviaudio.ax : InterVideo Audio Dec! oder ActiveX filter (No limit time)
  • The MS Mpeg Original codec (Microsoft)
  • The New MPEG-2 Splitter AC3 XForm
  • The New Ligos MPEG-2 Splitter
  • The Morgan Multimedia Stream Switcher (To change the audio stream in WMP)
  • I-Media Multi-MPEG2-Source
  • MPEG Layer-2 Audio Decoder
  • MPEG Layer-3 Audio Codec for MSACM
  • DivX AntiFreeze Filter (No more freezed movies)
  • DirectSound 3D Renderer (with help files)
  • Cyberlink PowerDVD 3.0 Audio Decoder
  • Ogg Vorbis Audio codec for MSACM
  • Lame_dshow.ax (Lame mp3)
  • Wavdest.ax
  • Dump.ax
  • Windows Media Audio Codec
  • Lame MP3 Encoder ACM Codec
  • 3ivx Delta 3.5 Codec for QuickTime Windows and the pluging for flask
  • Plug-ins for Flask: Panasonic MPEG 1, LSX MPEG 1 or MPEG2
  • The New Mpeg2dec DLL And the New Avisynth 1.05 MMX Dll for fast Frameserving
  • The New SimpleResize filter! for Avisynth
  • The New Lame MP3 Encoder ACM 0.3.0
  • The New Directshow Bicubic Resizer 1.3
  • The New Playa 0.6.6
  • The New DivX AntiFreeze Filter 0.4
  • The New Sub Station Alpha v2.x/4.x
  • The New Moonlight Odio Dekoda
  • The New Moonlight Scalar Filter
  • The New Subtitle Picture Decoder
  • The New DynEQ DirectShow filter
  • The New DivX G400 Filter ver 2.7
  • The New DivFix 1.06 with Source Code
  • The Logo plug-in for VirtualDub and Nandub
  • The New Fraunhofer Vob Filters
  • The New Fraunhofer Mp3 codec