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AVD Mass and Volume Calculator is just the thing for measuring mathematics and physical parameters of composite objects in 3-D. It calculates weight, volume and mass for the figures of various shapes: prism, cylinder, cone, pyramid, sphere, water tank. The process of calculation is quite simple: after you select the object's shape, just define the sizes with the number of parts and press "Calculate" button to get the result.

The ability to process three dimensional composite objects, even those which have apertures, expands the sphere of the program's usage as you will be able to work out mathematical and physical parameters of objects of most diverse shapes. The program includes such structural units as: plate, pipe, bar, beam, channel, angle and others.

You will certainly appreciate the ample choice of units provided by the program. The list of units is truly impressive as it encompasses almost every unit of both Imperial and metrical unit system. Also, at any time you can use the built-in unit converter that will redeem you from the need of transferring numbers from one system to another by yourself. What's more, the result of any calculation can be presented in any units you require.

AVD Mass and Volume Calculator also takes into account density of the material of a given structure. For your convenience the program includes a number of widespread materials and allows adding new materials and deleting those, which you don't find necessary.

The creators of AVD Mass and Volume Calculator took into account the human factor, so in case of some contingency (e.g. if you make a typo or add a wrong object), you can undo the operation. Also, when calculations are done, you can save the results to a text file or send them directly to print.

The ease of usage and a wide variety of included objects and units in combination with the ability to work out physical parameters of objects with apertures make AVD Mass and Volume Calculator a handy helper in the sphere of engineering, mathematics, architecture and exact sciences.


  • Available shapes

  • Units of volume

  • Units of mass

  • Built-in Unit Converter. Convert units to/from Metric, US Customary, Imperial and many other measurement systems.

  • Universal density units.
    - kilograms per cubic meter (kg/m³)
    - pounds per cubic inch (lb/in³)
    - pounds per cubic foot (lb/ft³)
    - pounds per cubic yard (lb/yd³)
    How to Convert Density From Metric to Imperial or From Imperial to Metric? - No stress.
    AVD Mass and Volume Calculator works with Metric and Imperial (standard) values of density. You can use any system and convert data automatically.

Volume is the three-dimensional space a substance occupies. Volumes of many simple shapes can be calculated by using simple formulas. More complicated shapes sometimes can be cut into simple shapes and add the volumes up for the total. Some other complicated shapes can be calculated by integral calculus if a formula exists for the shape's boundary.If the density is uniform, the volume of a substance can be calculated from the weight. This volume calculator provides solutions for some of the most common simple shapes.



Its very easy to calculate everything

Your program is very useful. Thank you.

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